Experience MadarTek City in this brand new action-adventure title!

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Beautiful Pixel Art Environments with Platforming Challenges

Venture around the city where you'll face platforming challenges while enjoying the pixel art sceneries around you. Also, get some of our finest soundtrack tunes in-game which will give you the chills of excitement!

Sorcery Skills with Effects to Annihilate Enemies

Combat is one of the core features in DurDanto, you'll get access to 4 sorcery skills that you can unlock by defeating your enemies. These deadly skills will push/slow/freeze and obliterate enemies in a flash!

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Epic Abilities to Unlock Your Paths

When you acquire a new elemental mode, you gain a new elemental ability. Use elemental abilities like Jolt Dash, Flaming Aura, Frost Generation to unlock obscure areas, escape traps and solve area puzzles!

Kaleidoscopic Roguelike Dungeons

Another core feature of DurDanto is roguelike dungeons that are separated from the metroidvania biomes of MadarTek city! These dungeons are ever-changing that will test your combat and adventure skills.

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Find and Equip Cool Relics

You'll find relics throughout the MadarTek city that can be equipped to boost Zubok! Find them on your travel and equip them as you see fit which will give you an edge to your combat situations!

Enjoy a Story of Grand Myth

DurDanto tells a story of a boy named Zubok and his adventures on MadarTek city while withholding secrets of the ancients. Uncover the secrets by overcoming the challenges and experience a tale of an unknown myth that'll blow your mind!

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